megaBONK NFT Collaboration with CyberFi

megaBONK is Excited to Announce our Collaboration with CyberFi!

CyberFi is an Intelligent Automation Platform. CyberFi combines a decentralized trading platform, an intelligent automation system for complex DeFi strategies, and a cross-chain layer for multi-chain DeFi automation. The CyberFi platform aims to bring an end to the manual nature of DeFi applications: overpaying for fees, gas wars, the constant need to be on Uniswap 24/7, and finally the stress and frustration that have been a constant in the DeFi market.

As part of this momentous collaboration, megaBONK and CyberFi will be working closely together on several initiatives, the first of these being a commemorative megaBONK x CyberFi NFT!

megaBONK x CyberFi Limited Edition NFT

mBONK x CFI NFT Supply & Distribution

  • 25 NFTs will be minted.
  • 6 will be airdropped to the top CFI addresses staking in the CFI/ETH LP.
  • 4 will be airdropped to the top CFI addresses staking in the CFI Pool.
  • 10 will be sold on the verified megaBONK store here. Sales will go to megaBONK Liquidity & 20% will go to the original artist.
  • 5 will be delivered to community members via a contest on Twitter.
  • Eligible for CFI IDO allocation.

We have crafted a limited one of a kind NFT that will be available to both the megaBONK community & the CFI community. This will be the one and only time individuals will be able to acquire this rare NFT. With an extremely low supply and not one, but two audiences that will be excited about the launch of this NFT, we expect it to be highly prized and sought after.

Each of these NFTs will be eligible for one Samurai IDO guaranteed allocation of their choosing. The NFT holder must also hold CFI & Stake CFI tokens, but they automatically skip the lottery for the IDO they choose. To redeem the NFT each holder must contact the CyberFi team via Telegram.

megaBONK x Samurai Limited Edition NFT

mBONK x Samurai NFT Supply & Distribution

  • 3 NFTs will be minted (each with a different Variation).
  • 1 will be given to the CFI community.
  • Guaranteed allocation to any 3 Samurai IDOs.
  • 2 NFTs will be held by the CFI team for future Auctions & Events.

3 NFTs are ultra-valuable Golden Emperor Tickets, gifted via lottery between all $CFI and $CFI-ETH LP stakers. The Golden Emperor Ticket grants the owner guaranteed allocation to any THREE Samurai IDOs over the next three months. This is unprecedented, and with a swathe of new IDOs on their way to Samurai, there has never been a better time to stake.

Join the Bonkers Crew!

More Information About Samurai & CFI:

Samurai by CyberFi is a full suite Decentralized Cross-Chain Crowdfunding Launchpad & Stakepad built for the evolution of DeFi.

CyberFi Website:

Samurai Website:



$CFi on CoinGecko



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