megaBONK is Now Available on Polygon Matic Network & ComethSwap

megaBONK is now on Polygon/Matic Network

megaBONK is excited to announce that holders can now bridge their tokens over to the polygon network using their PoS bridge! This can be done using the bridge here.

  • Connect Metamask to Matic Bridge v2
  • Select megaBONK to switch from Ethereum to Matic Network
  • Press Transfer & confirm the gas fee to use the bridge
  • Once transferred, make sure to add the Matic Network RPC to your MetaMask wallet following the steps here
  • Add the address to your wallet as a ‘custom token’ using the mBONK Matic contract address 0xd93c61D4418d77A537b6B57478C108E193362f0C

Trading megaBONK on ComethSwap

The megaBONK community can now swap their tokens using ComethSwap. 25% of the Uniswapv3 liquidity pool has been migrated to the Cometh pool. Swapping using the Polygon Network has incredibly low fees compared to Uniswap!

megaBONK-WETH pool

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