megaBONK 1-Click NFT Minting is Back Online

Convert your megaBONK tokens into NFTs

The megaBONK NFT minting Dapp is now functional on Ethereum Mainnet! Anyone can create their own digital art using our NFT minter. Head over to & start making your own NFTs!

megaBONK uses Pinata for Storage

NFTs created with the megaBONK Minter use IPFS for metadata storage. This is important because the artwork isn’t just tied to a URL server. Pinata uses IPFS which essentially creates content-addressable hashes of data, to ensure the validity of the data. This method of storage can be read more in detail here.

What’s Next?

The next stage of functionality for our NFT Dapp is adding a Layer 2 solution. Ethereum gas fees have been going down recently, but are still not optimal for deploying NFTs. This is where using a Layer 2 network can greatly help the average user with lower gas fees. We’d like to add Fantom or Matic Network capability to our NFT minter.

We’re also composing a proposal on where the 1 megaBONK NFT minter fee currently goes, so be on the lookout & be ready to cast your votes!

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