ComethSwap Liquidity Mining Rewards Are Now Live!

megaBONK ComethSwap LP Rewards

megaBONK-wETH Pool Rewards

Once LP is provided on the pool then the LP tokens can be deposited in the participating pools on to begin earning rewards. Please be aware that impermanent loss can occur when providing liquidity to a decentralized exchange.

Keep in mind that utilizing this pool requires using the Polygon network. Please follow the instructions in our previous article (linked here) if you need help migrating your mBONK tokens to the Polygon network.

Current megaBONK Tokenomics

Current megaBONK Tokenomics

The other 20% will be rewarded over time with our upcoming staking rewards on the megaBONK website.

25% of the Uniswapv3 liquidity pool has been migrated to the ComethSwap pool. Swapping using the Polygon Network has incredibly low fees compared to Uniswap!

megaBONK-WETH pool

Uniswapv3 megaBONK-ETH pool

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