Bonkv2 Migration

This article should be viewed as a proposal & not anything set in stone.

What Bonkv2 Should Be

Compatibility with other Dapps

Other complications occur with the approach of the contract itself. It wants volume, but in order to swap, from a new users perspective they have to buy with an even number & have to adjust their slippage much higher. Although this information is easily accessed to most in the Telegram. This still is just one other annoyance with the staking system.

Staking Should Conclude (A Suggestion)

Increase Funds & Development

We’re talking long term here. A lot of projects burn out with a lack of development funds. Bonk as a community project has been going well for 6 months, but Bonk had no presale or ICO so funding is quite limited for the project compared to 90% of the other tokens launched on Uniswap.

The Tokenswap Solution

If this swap were to occur, then the swap would have a 1 : 100/99 ratio so this would compensate the 9% unstake fee. Seeing as there will be Bonk that is forever lost from everyone removing their stake.

For example, if you send 10 Bonk tokens to the new contract, one would get ~10.101 Bonkv2 tokens

The new Bonkv2 contract will have a burn function so what tokens are not carried over will be destroyed so that the supply is as close to 3 million as possible. For Bonk holders that aren’t staking, they essentially get an extra 9% airdropped to them.

There will be a two week period where current Bonk token holders can swap their tokens for Bonkv2.

Bonkv2 Website Upgrade

The BONK website would be combining the pixelated style that it has right now with a more modern look would be a good direction.

Bonkv2 Showcasing Community Artists

BONKRILLAZ art by Sir Johnny of Gonzo

Bonk should provide some simple to use decentralized applications that have specific utility for them. It does seem like there are plenty of Marketplaces that exist for NFTs. Bonkv2 should search for a specific niche of needed NFT utility to assist these digital artists.

The Echochamber Revision

Farming for BONK NFTs in the Echochamber

A lot of time & effort was put into The Echochamber for Dolphin, so this UI & design should be salvaged for Bonkv2, so liquidity holders can farm for BONK NFTs in The Echochamber. See more about the farming NFT rewards here.

Bonkv2 Timeline

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