BONK NFT Farming

The next stage of development for BONK

2/6 Silver Bonk NFT

BONK NFT Farming

The concept is quite simple. Provide liquidity on the BONK-ETH Uniswap pool & stake those LP tokens on, then receive a dummy token determined by the length one is staking.

This dummy token can then be exchanged for 1 out of 6 NFT cards that each have a limited run.

Another perk that BONK NFT LP farmers will receive is a drop of Dolphin tokens as another appreciation for providing liquidity.

First BONK NFT Series by Cryptomemez


The first series of BONK NFT cards to be farmed were designed & created by Cryptomemez, who is known for his art done for CORE.

BONK NFT Card Reveals

6/6 Elusive Bonk NFT
5/6 Hypno Bonk NFT

The Elusive Bonk & the Hypno Bonk NFT will be two of the 6 NFTs that users can farm for in this exclusive series.

Keep your eyes peeled, as another article will be published announcing the official launch date for NFT Farming & revealing the other 3 NFT designs that are part of this art series.

The goal has always been to release NFT Farming in Q4 which is still on schedule. The definition has changed from NFT Staking to NFT Farming because this seems more appropriate.

First Liquidity Contest Winner

Roy was the clear winner of the first liquidity contest. Providing over $14k in liquidity for BONK for the past month. Thank you Roy! In celebration of this, Roy will be receiving not 1, but 2 custom made NFTs directly to his Ethereum wallet. One animated & one that is still.

You may notice now that Roy has been an advisor for Bonk as well. This would normally disqualify him, but the liquidity was added before he took this role, so this should be fair.

Roy is known for his current work & position with YFL, which will be listing BONK on their new platform soon, Linkswap. Find more information on Linkswap & BONK here.



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