BONK Liquidity Provider NFT Rewards🚿

Rewarding The BONK Community for adding liquidity

💧💧💧Liquidity Rewards Contest💧💧💧

Hello everyone, we’re happy to announce that BONK is starting a liquidity rewards contest! As the project grows, larger liquidity is necessary for influxes of new investors. Since BONK is focused on community, we want to offer a chance for investors that provide liquidity to receive a promo liquidity NFT.

💦Requirements to enter:

Provide, at minimum, 2000 BONK tokens to liquidity with equivalent ETH

Provide liquidity for, at minimum, 2 weeks



The top liquidity provider will receive a special, never to be made again, MYSTERY NFT. Additionally, the top provider will receive $300 in BONK

All providers who meet the requirements above will also receive a Liquidity NFT at the end of their 2 weeks provision.

This site will be used to determine the list of liquidity providers.


The contest will begin September 4th and will run until October 8th.

>To be eligible for the NFT, remember liquidity must be provided for at least 2 weeks during the contest.

Best of luck to all!

If you have any questions regarding this, we’re happy to answer in TG.



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