megaBONK is Excited to Announce our Collaboration with CyberFi!

CyberFi is an Intelligent Automation Platform. CyberFi combines a decentralized trading platform, an intelligent automation system for complex DeFi strategies, and a cross-chain layer for multi-chain DeFi automation. The CyberFi platform aims to bring an end to the manual nature of DeFi applications: overpaying for fees, gas wars, the constant…

The time for migration to megaBONK is approaching & this article is designed to provide detailed information on how the Bonk community must prepare for the swap to the new contract.

Back in December the community approved the proposal towards upgrading the current Bonk token contract & completely removing the…

Bonkv2 Migration

This article is designed to fill out the various concepts for the future of Bonk & Bonkv2 to the Bonk community. There will be a vote in the Bonk Telegram & Discord in order to gauge the communities opinions on these updates moving forward.

This article should be viewed as…

The next stage of development for BONK

2/6 Silver Bonk NFT

BONK NFT Farming

The concept is quite simple. Provide liquidity on the BONK-ETH Uniswap pool & stake those LP tokens on, then receive a dummy token determined by the length one is staking.

This dummy token can then be exchanged for 1 out of 6 NFT cards that each have a limited…


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